Subscribers: What Do You Want?

If this blog isn’t making your life noticeably better then it shouldn’t exist and you certainly shouldn’t stay subscribed.

Having said that, what would you like me to write more about that would make your life noticeably better?

Choose from:

  • health (mental, physical, spiritual, emotional)
  • wealth (how to make it, keep it, save it, & spend it)
  • women (get them, get rid of them, keep them)
  • work (entrepreneurship, hustle, the come-up, the grind)

Here’s what I’ve written so far:

  1. A player in the game of life Why only 1% of men really get good with women. (women)
  2. Anything is possible Anything is possible for men of action. (wealth)
  3. 9 Reasons why Most People Fail Science that shows the pitfalls of trying to improve your life. (health, wealth, work)
  4. Your Body & Your Friends Want You to Stay the Same You can get a 5x performance boost by simply having 1 friend who will tell you your efforts are “not good enough.” (wealth, health)
  5. Your Gang of 5 The 5 types of people you need in your life to succeed. Roles as well as demographics / psycho-graphics. (wealth)
  6. Quantity has a Quality  All Its Own Getting good with women really requires a staggering amount of experience. Start today. (women)
  7. Make Habit Change Easier Science about how to start building good habits. (health, wealth)
  8. Men’s Sexual Liberation How men can authentically liberate themselves from needing to “get off” and gain everything in the process. (women)
  9. F*ck your Work-Life Balance There is no ‘work’ and ‘life’, there is just life. (work)
  10. Never Get Full Again. Stay Hungry. Stay foolish My own personal journey of getting full and then getting empty again. The meaning of the phrase “on my grind ’till the day I die
  11. What Men can Learn from Man of Steel The deep story lessons in the Superman movie that we all need to think about as men.

What’s your favorite?


Raw truth. I’ve been free from corporate for 11 months and although it is the best decision I’ve ever made, the cash is starting to run a little lower than I’d like.

I’m just about ready to sell all my belongings and become a digital nomad. The lure of full-time work and a steady paycheck might draw me back in for a while.

My promise to you is I will not stop writing this blog even if it means I have to live-blog my poverty from living under a bridge while returning cans for money.

The only thing that could convince me to quit this blog is if all my readers emailed me together and said, “This is not valuable, stop wasting your time.” And maybe not even then.

Comment on this post or email me and let me know what you want. I am writing for you.

Mush on,



What do YOU think?

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