Quantity has a Quality All Its Own

When I first got into game I had good instincts. I wanted to be the highest-value guy in a given context.

So I naturally got work in nightclubs. That “pre-qualified value” got me lots of play.

But if you don’t work in nightclubs, the tendency is to do what my man 50 says:

“Stop chasing the bitches, stupid, chase the paper / bitches come with that shit”

So you get a lot of guys who get their money right and then buy expensive clothes (but the clothes don’t fit because they guys don’t know shit about fashion and haven’t taken the time to learn)

And they post up in the club buying expensive drinks or bottle service or VIP or paying $250 to get into the club and still stare at the girls with their tongues out

I wanted to be like this.

I wanted to be the guy with the perfectly fit tailored suit, the perfectly coiffed haircut, the perfect social proof from all the guys and girls in the club who knew and loved me, the guy who lounged in the VIP with hot girls and basically was so money that no hot girl who I invited up to my VIP lounge could possibly turn down my invitation.

Basically I wanted to be The Great Gatsby.

But the thing is, creating the illusion of high value is enormously expensive. It’s almost easier to just do the work to become high value.

And of course once you’ve gone to all the work of actually becoming successful, you’ve hopefully transcended the need to just fuck chicks.

The tradeoff is instead of enormous expense of money, it takes enormous expense of time and effort.

Quality of interaction is really important. But quantity of interaction has a quality all its own.

You must go out and meet women.

Try to do it in the most non-creepy way possible.

Try your best not to say or do awkward things.

Make them as comfortable as possible.

But don’t let these things become an excuse not to get experience.

The reality is, every opportunity you miss is an opportunity some other guy took.

There is a hungrier guy right around the corner swooping on these girls and he’s getting better faster than you are.

So fix up, look sharp, and mush on.

Capitalize on EVERY opportunity.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take and if you only take 50% of the shots available to you it will take you 2x as long to get to the level you want to play at.


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