Make Habit Change Easier

All our behavior comes from one of three sources:

  1. mental (will)
  2. emotional (heart)
  3. environmental (context)

The influence of these flows in ascending order. Your environmental context is the biggest influence.

If you live in a house where everyone smokes and eats junk food, it will be hard to improve your health.

If you live in a house with health freaks, it will be much easier.

Followed by this is your emotional life: most of us make emotional decisions and rationalize.

Therefore, emotional stability is the Holy Grail of a 1 percenter life.

(Getting it is very hard, but there are a few things you can do, which we’ll address soon.)

Improving your willpower is next.

So, to get anything in life, follow this order:

  1. Hang around with people who already have it
  2. Put yourself in a situation where what you want is superabundant*
  3. Reshape your emotional life to support the experience you want
  4. Strengthen your willpower muscle so you can do more of what you want to do and less of what you don’t want to do.

*When I was in college I had social anxiety so bad I could barely stand standing in a nightclub. I fixed this by getting a job working security & bar in a nightclub. I put myself in a context where socializing opportunities were superabundant (also, beautiful girls). I got less anxious and got with many beautiful woman. The lesson is, don’t make it so hard on yourself.


Jonas is a smoker, doesn’t work out, is overweight, broke, and angry.

He lives with a household of similar guys who are constantly negative and drag him down.

Jonas wants a better life. Where to begin?

Well, because he’s broke Jonas can’t move right away.

Jonas ought to buy a $2 box of green tea and start drinking it every morning.

He can trigger this habit by putting a note on his mirror: “put teabag in coffee cup before bed.”

(Or something equally simple.)

If Jonas can’t spare the $2 he needs to collect bottles & cans from trash cans and turn them in until he makes enough cash. One sporting event at a local college can yield $25 in 2 hours.

Basically he needs to make it EASY to simply pour hot water (instead of coffee) into his mug the following morning.

If he does this, a few things will happen.

First, he’ll get a more gentle boost of caffeine.

Second, the tea will hydrate him, rather than dehydrate him.

Third, the green tea has chemicals that will calm him down and help him focus better at work.

Fourth and more long-term, the green tea has anti-cancer properties so he’ll be less likely to die.

He’ll find himself less stressed out throughout the day. He’ll have more energy when he gets home to tackle that project he’s been trying to get time to do.

This sounds like an Pollyana prediction but it’s it’s happened to others.

The green tea habit drives a wedge into Jonas’ life that can become a snowball effect and change everything.

Ultimately, Jonas is able to move out of his shitty environment and get around healthier people.

This has a further effect of getting him healthier & healthier.

He ends up earning more money, gets a beautiful girlfriend, & lives his purpose in life.

This is to illustrate how tiny a tweak is often needed to set things on the right path.

It doesn’t happen overnight. Maybe it takes him 5 or 10 years. Doesn’t matter.

The point is you have to start somewhere.

I don’t care how slim your wedge is, you need one.


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