Men’s Sexual Liberation

It’s time for men to get sexually liberated.

Oh, you mean so men can have sex with as many women as they want without being shamed for it? No, that was women’s sexual liberation.

Men’s sexual liberation is when men’s rationality is in charge of when and with whom they have sex.

Not “I’m going to fuck her because she’s hot and she’s willing to fuck me.” Not “I’m going to use porn because I need a nut and it’s here.” Not “I’m going to get my end wet at all costs because I have this empty hole inside me.

Listen to some of these guys talk about girls and you’ll see what I mean. “All girls are sluts. Daddy touched them so now they’ll fuck anything.”  These guys are talking about themselves. The reason they’re on a huge pussy mission is because they have the exact same psychic wounds as the ‘sluts’ they degrade daily.

A liberated masculinity doesn’t need to jizz all over the faces of 40 girls in a row to find peace.

A liberated masculinity doesn’t need to jizz at all.

We’re not trying to take away sexual options from men. We’re in the business of multiplying your sexual options.

But more options doesn’t equal freedom; more freedom equals freedom.

More freedom means you get to choose. You always get to choose.

Never settle-fuck another girl again. Never fuck a girl just because you feel you owe her again. Never fuck because you’re horny and just feel that ‘urge’ to get your rocks off again. Never fuck because “you’re drunk” again.

You know what’s sexy as hell to a woman? A man in command of his sexuality. A man who doesn’t need to fuck. A NON-NEEDY man. A man who deliberately chooses every sexual encounter he goes into & for good reasons. Even if the reason is just because “I want to right now.”

It’s also time for men to release self-judgment on wanting to fuck many women. Not fucking many women; wanting to fuck many women.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to fuck the world. In fact it’s deeply masculine. It’s time for us to get comfortable saying that out loud in the presence of females whose scorn & rejection we fear.

When they attempt to shame us, we come back with “slut shaming”. (There IS such a thing as male slut shaming.)

Wanting and doing are two very different things. You think it’s OK for my girlfriend to know how deeply I lust after 100 other females? It is absolutely OK. In fact it’s healthier for our relationship. She sees her sexual competition. She doesn’t have to compete directly with them, but she sees them and is reminded of them. If she wants my babies she’s going to have to impress me. If she doesn’t want my babies she’s got nothing to compete for. It’s so logical!

But this will still drive people crazy from jealousy sometimes.

We know where jealousy comes from: insecurity & ego. If you can help the girl with her insecurity by showing her how to improve it and help her with her ego by showing her how you work on your own, you can win. You can leave her better than you found her.

Or you can stay with her and you both get less insecure & less egocentric & less jealous over time which sounds like paradise. That’s true sexual liberation for both of you.


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