Stay Hungry

You got full. It will never happen again. It only takes one time.

You got into the corporate world and did your 5 years. You got a 12% annual raise and you thought that was crushing it. You thought you should write a book about how to really do well in the corporate world. You have no one to dissuade you so you DO write the book. You do it mostly in two intense weekend days, writing 15,000 words a day.

Nobody buys it, why would they? Do you understand marketing at all? No. People laugh about it behind your back. Why not?

You don’t understand that a 12% raise and 5 promotions in 5 years was not crushing it. All your family and friends tell you it was but what do they know? The guys really crushing it get 100% raises every 2 or 3 years. They should write the damn book.

But they’re too busy crushing it.

For you, it was crushing it. You weren’t even sure you could even get into the corporate world in the first place. Raised with zero self worth you believed you would never be accepted or respected anywhere. During your formative years everyone laughed at you. So when a company starts promoting you like crazy it goes to your head. You get a little puffed up and start believing your own hype.

Never believe your own hype.

You quit on a 2-year runway, full of yourself and ready to “explore the next thing.” The sabbatical did your soul good but little did you know: the next thing can be started while you dial in an easy job and stack cash. You could have been stacking $2k a month . . . if you had foresight, if you had discipline.

It makes you wonder. Where is the foresight & discipline now? What will you look back on in a year and wish you had implemented now?

Game. Products. Independent income.

Don’t wait. Waiting is bad news, a bad move.

Your 2-year runway lasted 11 months before you had a freakout and saw 4.5 months’ left. Time to get hustling for real. You launched a paid product in one week, another one the week after, and began product development on 2 more over that same weekend. Getting warmer. Approaching escape velocity.

It sounds like obsession and it is. Obsession is one of the keys to success. People with “balanced” lives don’t achieve the extraordinary.

You will never lose your hunger again. It all happened because you got full. It only takes one time.

Now you’re back on your grind, like it was day one, forever. It means getting up at 5am. It means rinsing your cottage cheese. It means forsaking all movies & television & eating out & partying & entertainment for months, for years.

You will never rest & never sleep and never get full. You’ll grind till it’s time to get in the box. A million dollars to pry open the food floodgates. A billion dollars to educate every last soul on the planet. Whatever it takes. There is no stopping you now.

“I’ll be on my grind till the day I die”.

B relentless.


3 thoughts on “Stay Hungry

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  2. I’m wondering, if you forsake balance then how do you achieve the four pillars of success of men: women, wealth, health and free time (as said by WallStreetPlayBoy)?

    • Locke, the key is FOCUS. If you really focus on 2 or at most 3 of those pillars at once, you can eventually achieve all 4. WallStPlayboy is a good example since he seems to hustle hard on WOMEN, WEALTH & HEALTH . . . but I bet he doesn’t have much free time, because he is going for his $500k liquid by 35 and cash-out. I prefer periods of 6 months to 5 years non-stop focus, followed by 2-month to 12-year sabbaticals. Others work insanely hard for 5 weeks and take the 6th week entirely off. It’s personal preference.

      I will say that your HEALTH should always be #1 focus and the bedrock, since it enables you to do better at everything else. Free time while you’re laid up in bed is not worth it imo

      Thanks for the question

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