A Player in the Game of Life

99% of guys won’t go out.

99% of guys who do go out won’t approach women.

You’ll know that males in America are starting to get real game when Internet posting about this topic goes down by at least 30%.

It’s easy to talk shit from behind a keyboard.

It’s easy to meet up and smoke cigarettes and talk shit about your glory days and how many 10s you pulled.

None of that shit matters, at all, unless you can approach.

When you hit the street it’s time to separate the men from the boys; the guys who are serious about game from the guys who just want male buddies.

Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing bad about the male bonding aspect of this game.

But some of us are also here to meet wonderful women.

There’s always a reason not to go out, not to approach.

“It’s raining”

“It’s Wednesday night nobody’s out tonight”

“XYZ bar is closed”

“I have to work early tomorrow”

“I’m gonna go out this weekend and go hard so I better save myself”

The brain the ego tricks you. I know all its tricks because its played them all on me.

“There’s no hot chicks out tonight”

“No point talking to her unless you’d sleep with her”

And on it goes. The guys who verbalize these excuses are not who I blame.

It’s the guys who say this shit, believe it, and act on it.

I’ve said to myself a thousand times “She’s with her boyfriend” or “She’s not hot enough”

And the only measure of me as a player is whether or not I go in right after that thought.

“Yup, she’s with her boyfriend. Let’s meet them.”

“Nope, she’s not my perfect 10. Let’s meet her.”

“Yup, it’s raining outside. Let’s meet them.”

“Yup, my balls itch. Time to talk to women”

This mental discipline is what separates men from boys

If you want to truly be a player in the game of life, get the fuck off the internet

Go out

and talk to women

or start your business

or pitch your clients

or ask for a raise

(or whatever)

Give full voice to your bullshit excuses you have

And do it anyway

Any guy who shows up with stories of how hot shit he is and says “I’d be willing to teach” I can guarantee is fucking terrified

Any guy who shows up and says “I just want to learn as much as I can” and then says “Let’s go in” is a guy you can actually learn from

It’s the attitude that is worth emulating

Nobody’s gonna put you on.

Put yourself on

And if you’re really a player in the game you walk home, body aching because you did a hard interval cardio session today and you’re going in to the gym at 5am to do upper body the next morning and the morning after that and there’s no end in sight and you think game on playa


4 thoughts on “A Player in the Game of Life

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  2. Learning to approach women took me a long time to do. I had some serious shyness issues that i had to get rid of so i put myself out there stuttering and all. But as time progressed i was able to get rid of the shyness that plagued me all my life. Now after getting myself out there for so many years i don’t even think twice in approaching women or anyone for that matter. Great Post!

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