Gold In, Gold Out

The simple law with your mental health is: garbage in, garbage out. Gold in, gold out.

If you want to be a happy One Percenter you need to change your mental inputs from garbage to gold.

Our first order of business is to take out the trash.


Throw out your TV.

Stop watching violent movies or reality TV or gossip or “talk” shows.

Stop listening to hate radio or any radio with advertising.

Put a pop-up and adblocker on your Internet browser.

Stop reading newspapers & magazines or gossip rags.

Stop listening to angry / hateful / destructive / misanthropic / misogynistic music.

Unsubscribe from all shopping, daily deals, gossip or useless information email lists.

Disconnect yourself from modern advertising & brainwashing propaganda.

Stop playing video games.

Stop watching porn. (try this)

Check your email once a day at most.

The important quote here is, “We’re all getting brainwashed, so we might as well choose our own soap.”

What you’re doing here is rejecting the negative, fear-based soap that you’ve been hooked into.

Now it’s time to pick a healthier soap.

Sign up for an e-mail service that sends you inspiring quotes or images daily.

Set your homepage to a Tumblr feed and only follow a few inspiring posters who share gold content.

Start reading challenging books that awaken your heart.

Eliminate all negative, depressing, violent, shameful, hateful, bigoted, victim-mentality media of any form. Throw out old books or magazines that are still hanging around. Delete your porn. Delete the songs that make you filled with sadness or anger.

Cultivate all positive, uplifting, hope-filled, compassionate, loving, progress-focused media in all forms. Find a new band or musical style that fills you with hope and optimism. Surround yourself with this healthier content & material.

Each one of these things you do, even if it’s just throwing out one magazine, will make your life start feeling incrementally better.

That’s because you are planting powerful seeds for good things to “just happen” to you.

Don’t quit now.

Get off the Internet and go do one of these things right now.


7 thoughts on “Gold In, Gold Out

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  3. Hey man, a guy from the GoodLookingLoser forum just mentioned your site…
    I’ve looked around now, and this is great stuff. We share a lot of opinions about life and lifestyle.
    I also dont drink, watch tv, read newspapers, listen to radio, watch porn, listen to negative music, etc etc
    Quitting these things makes a HUGE difference to your life!
    I just subscribed to your email list. Looking forward to see more posts from you!
    Thomas /

    • Thanks for stopping by Thomas. Checked out your site, we are doing the same good work. We are the start of a movement my friend, an international movement. Held og lykke!

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