‘I Have the Mind of Champion’

Do you want to reach your goals?

Any successful person will tell you how to get there.

It comes down to cultivating the mind of a champion.

Here are six ways to do this:

  1. Select 30-40 motivational or inspirational images, be it pictures of yachts and beaches or more traditional words + images you find inspiring. Put them on as a rotating screensaver on your computer. Good source is Tumblr. Search tags related to your interests such as running, fitspo, travel, luxury. I like LuxeCafe.

  2. Create a 24/7 positivity stream. Pair up with a friend or lover and each write a list of 30 affirmations. (An affirmation is just a short sentence describing what you want to be true in your life, written in the first-person present tense.) Exchange lists. Commit to texting each other one affirmation each day for the next 30 days at a random moment.

  3. Select 1 to 3 blogs maximum that get you revved up with maximum inspiration & motivation. Read daily but limit your time to 30 minutes and don’t allow yourself to click away to other random websites, Facebook, YouTube. Use a website blocker if you need to. Follow this blog.

  4. Practice one hour or more daily relaxation, visualization, meditation, & prayer. These are different and you do them for different purposes. Split the time as you feel appropriate, but know that time spent here will out-perform time spent on all other activities in this list by a factor of at least 5. Relaxation = close your eyes and let your mind go blank and unfiltered, this brings out your inner creativity. Do this right before your daily task of writing down 10 new business ideas or ways to help those around you. Visualization = perfect rehearsal of conditions you want in your life, like acing the job interview, delivering a perfect presentation, talking confidently to a gorgeous girl, and more. Remember, your mind doesn’t know the difference, and perfect practice means perfect performance. Meditation = watching the breath and observing thoughts rise and fall, or building awareness of bodily sensations & cravings that are all impermanent, which allows you to reconnect with the constantly changing nature of reality and cool out about stuff you can’t control. Prayer = sending out positive vibes in words, images, or emotions to everyone you know, everyone you’ve ever met, everyone you’ll ever met, and generally wishing nothing but health & success & happiness for all living creatures in all possible instances of all universes. (Has nothing to do with asking for a Ferrari for your birthday — that’s what visualization is for).

If you can do these four things daily you are now ahead of 95%+ of people in terms of reshaping your emotional life but there is more work you can do.

Here’s two more activities that will put you into the 99th percentile:

  1. Journal for 5 days straight for 20 minutes per day to remove old pain & trauma. Use this method. Repeat as many times as necessary to fully bleed yourself dry of old hurts. Do one session a month for 5 years if you must. Winners don’t stop.

  2. Go on a silent meditation retreat such as Vipassana which is really boot camp for the mind. This works like journaling but is even more high-level and intense. A 10-day retreat will often break you of significant addictions. For best results, repeat at least once every 12 months to continue the emotional healing & clearing process.

That is the guide to developing your champion’s mind. Like all you read on this site, the difference between the true One Percenters and everyone else lies in execution.

Go now and be healthy & strong.


4 thoughts on “‘I Have the Mind of Champion’

    • I have done everything I mentioned in this post.

      The results:

      • Within about 1 month of starting I was able to leave a relationship that wasn’t serving me
      • Game: An 18-year-old girl I met online sends me this: “I am tubbing naked with 2 other g/f’s tonight (wanna come along?)”
      • Within 4 weeks I decide on a new career direction & start packing up my apartment to move across the country
      • With the time I saved only reading the top 2 inspirational blogs instead of randomly browsing two dozen, I finished & launched two paid digital products
      • The journaling to heal released me from pain & anger at my parents, and ex-girlfriends that had been lingering for years
      • Meditation has brought so many benefits to my life, I’ve been doing it for 6 years now and can’t imagine life without it
      • Relaxation has helped me generate 10 new business ideas per day
      • Greater inner calm & confidence in the moment, each day

      I should be clear . . . I am not personally part of the One Percent. . . yet. I am a fellow aspirant like you. But I have every confidence I will get there.

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