Anything Is Possible

The promise of this blog is that you can achieve & reach ANY heights you want in wealth, health, women or happiness, any time, no matter your starting circumstances.

Anything you want is possible. Rolling luxury cars is possible. Dating multiple models is possible. Living la pura vida and la vida rico is possible. Exotic vacations anywhere in the world are possible. Stacking mad cash is possible. Private sailboats or private jets are possible.

But you have to be willing to do what it takes without fail.

And you have to be willing to work hard.

Anyone can read some shit on the internet. It takes someone exceptional to take action on it.

Think of it as applying the Golden Rules of Health, Wealth & Happiness, as discovered & practiced many times over by many ancient & modern civilizations, hundreds and thousands of times down through the ages, and even today.

Not everyone who is living a rockstar idealized life today is using these principles. That’s not my claim.

My claim is that all the really happy, peaceful people living like rockstars are using these principles.

So you get to choose. You can have $500,000 in the bank and hate life or you can have $500,000 in the bank and be loving life. I know which one I would choose.

I know what you’re thinking. “Give me that $500k and I’ll be the hap-happiest motherf*cker you’ve ever seen.” I thought this too.

But your brain is lying to you. It won’t be happy. It won’t even be satisfied. In 12 months the odds are good you’ll have pissed away all the money and be in a worse spot than you are today.

Don’t trust me. Look at the data. Look at the lottery winners. They’re miserable. They lose the money. They go back to shitty jobs and depressing lives.

Look at the happy people, then, they people who are calm and centered & peaceful, who lose limbs in horrible crashes & become multiple amputees. They’re basically as happy today as they were before.

So the goal of this blog is not even necessarily to get you balling. You have to crawl before you ball. (Thanks Yeezy.)

And the fastest way I know to get crawling is to get that inner peace.

This blog will show you how to do that. Cleanly, simply, without fluff, in easy, practical steps.

We’ll shares the applied science of behavior change from places like Stanford and Harvard. Not in a college research lab, but in the real world, with people trying to kick bad habits, lose weight, make more money, get with more women, start successful businesses, get out of the ghetto, stack mad cash, & all the rest.

The exercises here are validated in the real world, by real people, and by your authors. Anything less would be another fluffy self-help ‘theory’ blog.

The world doesn’t need another single one of those. The world needs more accurate, practical help, for real and for free, and that’s what we do here.


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