Sexual Monogamy Before Marriage

The smart modern man is single until he’s engaged.

Single means multiple sexual partners if he desires, and no need to share that information unless a woman asks him point-blank.

Some women need to know if you’re sleeping around. Some women need to not know.

Many men (including me) have spent a lifetime of leading women on, & trying to wriggle away from their responsibility to be upfront about their desires.

The reason for this is mostly because society slut-shames men & makes them feel ashamed about wanting to fuck multiple women.

The sooner we as men can own our authentic desire, the sooner we’ll be fully sexually liberated.



She’ll say:

“I need to be the prize”

TRUTH: Your ego weakness demands you be lofted up on a pedestal relative to other women.  This is mentally unhealthy. You are the equal of every woman and no more or less important than her. The same applies to men. Yes, if he’s a good man your man will make you feel cherished, pursued, desired, adored & like the most important, beautiful & desirable woman on the planet — while he is with you. But you should relinquish all desire to occupy his thoughts ceaselessly once he is out of your presence.

“I need to know he can commit

TRUTH: As a test of marital and child-raising fidelity this is a good one. But as a standard in any “close” or “serious” relationship it fails to pass muster. Unless the guy says he wants to marry you and raise your kids, and you agree, applying this standard is just a way of tip-toeing towards intimacy without declaring your intentions for ex: “I want you to be the father of my children.” Oh, you can’t ask that, it will scare him away. If this scares the guy away you’re not meant to be with him.

“I’m worth it”

TRUTH: Another ego trap. Of course you’re ‘worth it.’ If it’s important to you that a guy only put his pee-pee in your hoo-hah, then you ask for that and you get it and settle for nothing less. But it must then be equally willing to accept that a man insist that he be able to put his pee-pee in any hoo-hah. This is sexual liberation for men and you should support it just as ardently as you supported rights for women. The genders are equal after all.

For the modern man, the whole notion of being in a sexually monogamous relationship with no engagement or marriage on the horizon is ridiculous.

Who is this benefiting? Is it making our lives happier or better? Is it making us richer or more free? Are we enjoying more life?

I don’t think so.

If you’re unmarried and women are trying to lock you down in long-term sexually monogamous relationships apart from legal marriage, ask them WTF they think they are doing? What exactly are they trying to accomplish? Are you trying to get pregnant by you? If that’s the case, then they’re the one who should be practicing sexual monogamy, not you.

Women will bring up STD/Is, and the desire to be sexually monogamous “so we can do it bare” because that “feels so good” but let’s be real: the only reason to have unprotected sex with a woman is to impregnate her. If you don’t want to have a child with this woman you have no business having unprotected sex with her. Full stop.

It feels so good” is not a valid reason to change both of your lives irrevocably forever. Even going through an abortion changes your life & there’s no way to make it pretty & it’s even worse for her than it is for you.

There are other types of monogo relationships, notably emotional fidelity. Women will use emotional intimacy as an argument “I can’t be emotionally close to a man unless he only sticks his pee-pee in my hoo-hah.” Read the statement and let the insanity of it sink in. The question is, why is this? Really meditate on why women would connect emotional closeness to genital sharing and you’ll see no scientific or rational basis, only social programming.


What do YOU think?

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