How to Stop Chasing the Dopamine Dragon

No matter what your drug of choice is, your drug of choice is dopamine.

Dopamine is the brain chemical that anticipates a reward.

It’s not the drug that floods your brain with good feelings — that’s oxytocin.

You can get an oxytocin high from sitting in a hammock or getting a massage.

As researchers have found, the brain is always tricked into believing that when we get what dopamine makes us anticipate, we’ll be satisfied, but this isn’t true.

Satisfaction comes from the chemical oxytocin (which James Altucher calls the “God hormone.”)

Most of us chase the dopamine dragon in one way or another. It doesn’t matter whether we’re chasing a drug high, the next porn clip, the next hangover, the next cute cat video on YouTube, the next clever Tweet, the next inspiring Facebook status update, the next juicy email in our inbox, the next big raise & promotion, the next big-ticket luxury item.

It doesn’t matter. It’s all the same. Ram Dass calls it “The Big Ice Cream Cone in the Sky“:

“You gotta keep eating it because it melts & melts . . . that’s it’s problem. You gotta keep eating it cuz it will melt.”

The reward promised is always melting out from under us as we eat it, receding in front of us as we chase it. You will never find contentment or satisfaction chasing the dopamine dragon, ever.

This is the reason that guys who achieve true baller status and have all the money & girls & toys they want turn to charity. They want to achieve something meaningful in life. We should take note.

You will get rich quicker and be healthier (lowered stress hormones, faster injury recover, smoother skin) if you schedule regular oxytocin baths, such as:

  • Swinging in a hammock

  • Getting a massage

  • Have an orgasm with someone you love (orgasm with no partner does not release oxytocin)

  • Hug, touch, rub, and/or kiss someone you like a lot

  • Give money away

  • Donate your time & service

  • Laugh

  • Deep breathing. Slow your breath gradually to 4-5 breaths per minute.

  • Pet an affectionate dog or kitty (they are always smiling)

Put these things in your life on a scheduled, recurring basis. You won’t feel like doing them. (They don’t activate your dopamine dragon.) Do them anyway. They will keep your oxytocin levels topped up and that is the best any of us can do for ourselves.



This site uses a ton of aspirational imagery and that’s on purpose. People get a mood lift from shopping (not buying) expensive luxury collections. People get a mood lift from viewing aspirational imagery and imagining themselves living the life of their dreams.

That is the purpose of the images here: to feed you high-quality aspirational imagery and to start you visualizing the success you dream of in your life. We believe in the power of imagery & visualization and that’s why we give you these images.

But don’t let the images become the point, on this site or in your life. That’s how guys get addicted to porn, spending money, & etc.

When you’re chasing a certain appearance or presentation it’s the dopamine dragon. When you’re relaxing into a feeling that’s the oxytocin. Choose the oxytocin every time.


4 thoughts on “How to Stop Chasing the Dopamine Dragon

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  2. God I love this blog DONT STOP. Haha. Seriously just found it today. It reminds me of things I’ve told myself. Meditation. Affirmations. Exercise. Mind Movies. Accomplishing things. Etc.

    Get to be that one percent! Hit me up on twitter man, love the site.

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