Healthy Habits You Must Add To Your Life

Assuming you have some willpower to spend, now’s the time to spend it adding healthy habits that will further build your willpower so you can get to the next stage of your personal evolution.

  • Meditation 20 min per day (work up to it)

  • Exercise (see below)

  • Plant-based diet

  • Plenty of sleep (turn off screens 30 minutes before bed)

  • Spending time with friends  & family

  • Religious or spiritual practice

  • Slowing breathing deliberately to 4-5 breaths per minute (see below)

  • Relaxation (even 5 minutes)

  • Waiting 10 minutes when you feel a craving (just “put it off” 10 minutes)

  • Thinking of someone who would be proud of you if you succeed

  • Thought replacement (as opposed to thought suppression)

  • “Surfing the urge” (we will address in a future article)


  1. Get a timer.
  2. Set it to 10 min and set it in view.
  3. Start breathing slowly and deeply (concentrate on slow breathing but don’t pause your breathing at any point).
  4. Make a pencil dash for every exhalation.
  5. Start a new row after each minute.

You should be able to get to 4-5 breaths per minute within 10 minutes.

Slowing breathing like this activates the “pause-and-plan” response in the brain, which is the natural antidote to the “fight-or-flight” response.


Starting to exercise is the fastest way to join the 1% club since only 1 percent of Americans meet the recommended guidelines for physical exercise.

If you think you are too tired to exercise, consider that exercise RESTORES, not depletes, physical & mental energy.

To qualify, exercise has to be:

  • not sitting down
  • not eating junk food and
  • last more than 10 minutes.

You can do it. Start now.


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