Upgrade Your Mental Game

Mental strength is the #1 key to health & happiness.

So today we tackle how to brainwash yourself in a positive way.

If you’re reading this I assume you have already cleaned up your garbage inputs and are cultivating the mind of a Championif not, go complete those steps first.

The next step in the process is to master personal brainwashing (also known as self-talk.) 

The truth is we are all being brainwashed, all the time. If you own a TV and if you use the Internet without an AdBlocker you are exposed to about 10,000 brainwash messages per day.

If we’re all being brainwashed the One Percenters will do a different thing: they will choose their own soap.

Here’s how to do that.


Write down the 20 negative statements you find yourself saying or thinking most often.

 Then write a re-frame for each of those negative thoughts that contradicts it, or states the flip side.

 For example, the following list:

  1. I’m bad at math

  2. I’m a hardgainer / can’t eat enough to put on muscle

  3. Girls don’t find me attractive

  4. I don’t have a job / am broke

 Would become:



I’m bad at math

Math isn’t a focus in my life right now, but I can become a whiz any time I choose by focusing on it and practicing diligently.

I’m a hard gainer

If I concentrate on eating more food, I can absolutely gain muscle, because I am not an exception to the laws of physics.

Girls don’t find me attractive

Being attractive to girls is a skill like any other. If I keep getting healthier & more confident & practicing it, I’ll have all the success I can handle

I don’t have a job / am broke

I’m willing to do what it takes to get my cash right. Today I’ll write down a list of 10 business ideas I have and contact someone who could help me with them

99% of people will read this list and say, “Yeah, I knew this already.” 1% will actually get out paper and pen and actually do this exercise for themselves.

Then 1% of that 1% (0.001%) will actually commit to a schedule of daily reframing of their negative thoughts into positive affirmations.

That’s why, of the people who read this post, so few will actually enact real benefits in their lives.



It’s great to replace your old limiting beliefs with empowering new messages.

It’s just as important to eliminate several words from your vocabulary completely. Some words are of no help to us:

  1. Should (replace with could, can, or will)

  2. It will never work (you don’t know that)

  3. I’m killing myself here (hopefully not)

  4. You make me sick (giving away your power to another person)

  5. We’re killin’ it (really? Let’s be nonviolent)

  6. Can’t (limiting)

  7. Don’t have a choice (there are always choices)

  8. I wish (If wishes were fishes . . . replace with will)

  9. Luck / lucky (no such thing)

  10. I don’t have the time / money / skill (all changeable)

  11. Everyone would think X (you don’t know how everyone would think . . . anyway, it’s a terrible idea to base your life on others’ opinions)

  12. Someday (someday, like tomorrow, never comes. Put a date on it)

  13. If only (but it didn’t go down that way, did it? Wistfulness for the past is stealing energy from the present)

  14. Never (never say never)

  15. Just (useless qualifier)

If you are diligent about both reframing, and cutting out these negative words, you will notice a change in your personal attitude & mood, daily.

Mush on player.


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