How to Play Life on “God Mode”

In most video games there is a “God mode” where your player can’t be killed, has unlimited ammo / resources, and sometimes can even fly or see through walls.

This made me ask, what “God mode” like in real life?

Here’s what I think:

  1. Daily spiritual, faith or mental practice. Gives you unlimited strength & resilience. When other people piss & moan about how unfair life is, you draw on inner strength, & mush on.
  2. Reduce taxable income. For example, those in the military in some instances earn 50% or more of their salary tax-free. Work in the grey economy can get you 50%+ tax-free income such as tips. Look at corporations: they pay 25% or less whereas high-income-earners pay 36% and the capital gains tax for those high-net-worth individuals is at 15%. If you want to get wealthy, get into a 20% or lower tax bracket, ideally 15% or lower. Don’t do it illegally, just do it in a way that will avoid you getting thrown into jail.
  3. Question everything people say you must own (i.e. houses, cars, designer clothes, expensive toys). This means you keep more money to invest in better ways (see below).
  4. Hackschool your kids and yourself. This gives you a higher-quality education, and also saves you cash. Government education will not expose you to the deep truths of the world, it’s time to move beyond it.
  5. Avoid debt like the plague. Because it is a plague. This gives you financial & personal freedom, which is impossible to overvalue.
  6. Save your money. Put away 33% of your income (or more if you can afford it.) If you’re in a Dual Income No Kids situation, see if you can put away the entire second income and live on one income. A big cash pile is the only parachute in the modern economy. See item number 4 in our article on the crazy rules of wealth building, aka “Why your friends are richer than you.”
  7. Practice reasoning from first principles, not by analogy.  See what Elon Musk has built on this principle. With this comes superior problem-solving & idea-generating capability. Suddenly you are outmaneuvering your competition.
  8. Preventative body self-care (instead of repair). Preventative medicine is 1000x cheaper. Think of a car: if you do the maintenance, the engine might go 250,000 miles — don’t do the maintenance, the engine overhaul will cost $7,500. Which do you want?
  9. Monetary investments only in things that improve your life in multiple ways. Example: spending money on learning a rare skill means you can then teach the skill to others, and profit thereby, or generate goodwill that will pay off in the long term. “The man who knows how to enrich others will never be poor.” Buying a small sailboat and learning to sail can be recreation, an income stream, and an emergency evacuation vehicle. Start thinking in this way will give you 2-3x more options than what the 99% see.
  10. Smart non-monetary investments in your future. You can’t buy any more time on this rock so a non-monetary investment of time, kind words, or a small thoughtful gift will often pay off hugely. Giving brings wealth” says Nagarjuna in The String of Precious Jewels and I don’t think he was talking about money. You must always be thinking of the seeds you are planting for the future in that moment and envision they will blossom 100-fold in time.  (We will write more on this soon) 
  11. Reduce risk of catastrophic failure (death) as much as possible. The game only ends when you die, so systematically reduce the riskiest behaviors you do, such as driving a motorcycle or car, or flying in small planes. You win the game by playing longest at the highest quality of life (la vida rico), so the smart strategist will reduce risk of premature death or disease by overhauling both diet & exercise, reducing toxic stress, and learning how to live to 100. You want as much time as possible to contribute, help others & make the world a better place. . . and/or raise a family so you can dander your grandkids on your knee and pass on your Empire.
  12. Sell your shit. As recovering consumerists most of us have at least $1,000 we could liquidate from our dwellings and not miss it. This cash can then be used to retire debt, add to savings cushion, or invest wisely in something that will bring returns in multiple ways.
  13. BONUS: Stop spending money on transitory experiences. Expensive liquor, gourmet food, one-time-only theater or movie tickets. (The exception being travel which creates memories & photos that last a lifetime.) Most of these experiences can be duplicated for 1/10th the cost at home and you will learn valuable skills as well. As Jay Z raps on his track “Success”, “All this ace of spade I drank, just to piss out / I mean I like the taste, could have saved myself six hours”. He later explained the verse: “. . .the finest meal ends up as shit, which is a great metaphor for the fact that consumption’s flip side is decay and waste, and what’s left behind is emptiness. . . success has to mean something beyond that.”

What other ways can you think of that give you that One Percent advantage? Leave a comment if you can think of any.


4 thoughts on “How to Play Life on “God Mode”

  1. Great article however I disagree with point 11 but a lot of people disagree with me here. I love extremesports. I do freeskiing, downhill mountainbiking and want to get into Base Jumping. My live might be riskier, but I’d rather die early and have a lot of fun.

    • To each their own. If xtreme sports bring you joy go do them! And base jumping / wingsuits are the closest thing to flying man has apart from planes, inspiring to say the least. See also the video of the wingsuit guy who crashed into rocks – but survived.

  2. Great post brother! We are all Gods on this earth! Unfortunately, only a few people can realize that they are. Others are just blind to the notion.

    • You are so right brother Jose. Post for the future — bringing out our inner divinity so we can become more God-like and less worm-like. Thanks as always for stopping by!

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