What Have You Accomplished Since 2012?

As men I think it’s important that we get used to owning our victories (and defeats.)

If we can do this in public, that’s even better — even the semi-anonymous “public” of the Internet. It helps us be more honest with ourselves and others, and therefore trustable.

I submit to you what I have done in the past 24 months that has scared me, expanded me, pushed me out of my comfort zone, hoping to inspire others in the manosphere to follow suit.

NOTE: This site is not about me, so when I post a list like this I want to be sure you understand it is for inspiration purposes. I hope people see it and feel good about what they’ve accomplished, or inspired to do better in the next 24 months. I hope other manosphere writers follow suit with their own lists.

(But let’s try to keep the exaggeration to a minimum gents. We can leave the ego puffery for men with lower self-esteem.)

Here is what I’ve done since January 1st, 2012 that I’m proud of:

  • Ended an 8-year relationship
  • Broke up with my girlfriend of 2.2 years
  • Left the place I’d been living for 7 years
  • Quit my job of 5 years
  • Sold 75% of my stuff (my remaining possessions fit into 1 backpack, 2 garment bags and 2 boxes)
  • Moved to a new city 500 miles away
  • Launched two digital products currently bringing in about $100 / month
  • Asked a cute girl if she’d sleep with me (she turned me down)
  • Landed a new job in the new city in 1 week  (how-to method on that coming later this week)

What am I NOT proud of over the last 24 months? Here’s that list:

  • Reignited an old flame — hurt someone else deeply over this — feel hard into the relationship and lost myself
  • Went back to another ex — dragged it on longer than I should have
  • Didn’t travel or take adventures
  • Took on a client without a solid contract and lost money
  • Got sick

It’s been a big two years. I wonder what I will accomplish in the next two years?

I would like to:

  • Go from making $0 per year to making $100,000+ a year (never done this before)
  • Grow this blog readership to 10,000 followers
  • Own a Tesla Model S but only pay $250 / month for it
  • Spend 4 days of every month in nature or wilderness
  • Become comfortable tango dancing at any moment
  • Become comfortable bursting into song at any moment
  • Start using AirBnB to live free or significantly reduce living expenses
  • Start coaching people
  • Start giving lectures or teaching classes

Your turn. Victories, defeats, and projections. Tally it up. No exaggerating. Just real stuff: go.



6 thoughts on “What Have You Accomplished Since 2012?

  1. It looks like you are on your way up brother. A man should be able to own his accomplishments both good and bad as it helps you to become a better man. Living with few possessions and looking to nature to help you center yourself is the best thing you can do.

    For me I have gone through something like that a few years ago and my life has changed for the better. I learned to deal with both positives and negatives aspect of life. It’s hard trying to balance both ying and yang but it is doable.

    I do hope that things will work out for you and that you get the 10k visitors to this site. I think you will and it will happen!

    Keep rising brother


  2. great list. some objective questions…

    -tesla S – $250/month… lease?
    -airBnB – not familiar, but places in my city (NYC), rates average about $50/night… what figures/area are you looking at
    -ended 8-year relationship and 2.2 girlfriend… spinning plates?

    • The Tesla lease program would cost about $530/ month. My plan to get it to half that is to split it with someone.

      AirBnb is a vacation rental site, check it out. $50 a night is over $1k a month. I aim to keep my monthly closer to $750-800 just for housing and all utilities. It’s doable in the major city I live in now (other coast). Theoretically if you add a renter via AirBnb half the time you could cut the cost of a nice place by half, or even to zero if you worked it right. It will take some doing.

      The 8-year relationship was a business mentor / coach. It was really valuable but it was costing me.

      • good stuff, thanks mate.

        i can relate with the mentor thing. at the end of the day, it is always a give and take. but still, eight steps forward, one step back.

  3. So far:
    -Sold some marginally used vehicles and upgraded to a luxury SUV that will hold all my planned kids.
    -Bought, housebroke, and trained a hunting dog in basic obedience
    -Helped my wife through the birth of our second child
    -Taught my oldest how to dress himself, safely walk up and down stairs, drink from a cup, use a toilet by himself, his numbers from 1 – 20, and the alphabet
    -Finished a project that will make a client millions in the next 3 years
    -Became a certified foster parent so that we can adopt a sister for the boys
    -Cut, split, and stacked 2+ cords of firewood
    -Planted a successful salad garden
    -Brought in enough new business and billable hours to keep my boss and the company from going under
    -Made 3 new friends
    -Worked on my software side business
    -Arranged the household budget so that my wife can go down to part-time and be with the children more

    By the end of the year:
    -Finish another large client project
    -Launch my software side-business
    -Find a rental house to buy
    -Have our hoped-for foster child living with us
    -Secure a raise that will put me at $100K next year

    Btw, I’m liking the blog.

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