Get a Job Despite the Bad Economy

If any of you are looking for a job in this economy, I have some suggestions for how to get it.

But first I’ll tell you how I landed a $60k/yr job in this same bad economy in 1 week, and how you can do the same.

$60k may seem like a fortune to you or a pittance. The point is not the dollar amount; the point is the underlying principles that go with it.

The number is not important; 60k or 250k the principles remain the same.

If you’re not currently employed, I hope you are working on your own business; if you are currently employed, these tips will help you move up or move laterally (same thing).

(By the way if you haven’t realized yet that the era of traditional employment is on its way out, watch this.)


You’re wondering, how did he do that? The economy is bad blah blah blah doom and gloom.

Here’s how I did it:

I did a really good job 5 years ago.

Now what does that give me today? First it gave me no debt. Then, it gave me a stack of cash I could use to take my time and figure out what my next move was. Third it gave me no mortgage to tie me down, which allowed me to move from where I was living (depressed economy) to a city with a booming economy (they still exist).

Then I did the thing that everyone tells you to do: “Use your network.” You don’t have to do this in an obnoxious or smarmy way.

I LinkedIn an individual I had previously worked closely with and asked him to lunch. Over lunch we talked about his new position and new company and I expressed my support for what the company was doing. He offered to pass my resume along.

This was on Monday. After emailing him my resume that afternoon (always follow up quickest) I had an interview on Friday and they asked me to start on Monday, one week to the day after that lunch.

People say this is nepotism or bullsh*t but it actually works. It works when it’s genuine. It works when you really invested in the relationship.

Now let’s apply this to you.


No matter whether you have a job or want a job, your step is the same:

Do your absolute best at whatever you’re doing right now.

Obviously this doesn’t apply if you’re sitting on the couch bemoaning your fate. You have to do something that helps the world.

As I was walking around the poor neighborhood I’m staying in, before all this happened, i saw a bunch of trash on the ground. I started picking it up. I envisioned myself not getting a regular job, but dedicating myself full-time to cleaning up the neighborhood. Do you think that might have lead to some media coverage, maybe a job, at least a janitor job? You bet it would have.

It can start that small. Nothing but your raw labor, going out every day and improving the world around you, is enough to put yourself in a more secure position. The Universe pays attention. That’s why birds eat and flowers bloom:  they go out there and provide something useful to the rest of the world. They contribute.

Now let’s say you have a job right now. How do you ensure you can get a job in a down economy, in one week or less, five years from now? This is how you do it:

Realize that every single person you interact with on a daily basis at your job is a future hiring manager.

Not just your current boss, but his boss, and the employees you manage. All your colleagues. All your customers. All your clients. All your vendors. All your suppliers. All your partners. Everyone. Excepting nobody.

Why is this? People move on, change jobs, get promotions. Industries change. Interests shift. The line employee you are dumping on today could end up a Division Manager in two years. Now you realize you want to work for that company. You apply. The Division Manager sees your name. Do you think that improves your chance getting a job when she remembers how badly you treated her?

Your #1 job, no matter what you do all day, is to help everyone around you succeed. Obviously you have to start by being very good at your own job, but once you’ve achieved that (and even while you’re learning) always be helpful, always pitch in, always put others first.

It will come back to you, manyfold. Guaranteed.


Obviously, part of my success was having an “in.”

Sometimes you don’t have an “in”. You have to line up with all the other job searchers, so you have to stand out.

Here are some suggestions on using epic hustle to stand out from the crowd:

  1. Decide on an industry direction that makes sense for you, because of passion, vision, progression.
  2. Researched the heck out of the industry. Get to know all the companies within it, at least all the major ones.
  3. Decide on a company that you think best fits you.
  4. Research the heck out of just that one company. Join membership sites that have transcripts of investor calls. Read all the earnings calls for that company Read the company’s filed financial statements (assuming they are a public company). Understand how they make or lose money. Read all their blog entries. Read what competitors write about them. Read all the customer reviews that are available. Read everything on You really can’t go too far with this research step. You should know the company better than some employees do.
  5. Crawl through LinkedIn using Advanced people search and find all the employees of that company you can.
  6. Learn as much about each of those employees as you can.
  7. Find one employee you have something in common with, or who has done something noteworthy.
  8. Write a resume that’s tailored to the company and the job you want. But make it a human-voice resume
  9. Write a personal letter to this employee. Reference whatever they did recently. Ask to buy them coffee, lunch or breakfast. Ask to compare notes based on your own experience. Include your direct phone number, and the human-voice resume.
  10. Print out the letter and resume and put in a regular mailing envelope. Write their name and the company’s public address on the outside. Drop into mail.
  11. Repeat this process for every company you want to work at.
  12. You will get contact. Once you do, overprepare for every interaction.  Here your research will start paying off.
  13. Put myself in their shoes — “What is the pain the company wants to solve most right now?” and “What does this person really want?” If nothing else, they likely want some epic hustle.
  14. Arrange your references. Pick your three best and get their name, phone and email. Have them standing by ready to field any calls.
  15. Repeat this process until employed.

A final reminder: we don’t advocate that you pursue employment as your means of achieving the financial One Percent (that is extremely hard to do). Rather it can pay your bills, fill your belly and allow you to begin building the financial platform that will enable you to launch your own destiny to the stars. Use the job don’t let the job use you.


What do YOU think?

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