Why Men Can’t Ask Women For Sex

Sometimes my buddies and I will have the “logical sex” talk.

It goes like this:

“Yo, why can’t guys just straight up ask a girl they like to have sex? And why can’t she just say yes or no? Life would be so much easier.”

The truth is you have 1,000s of years of social programming to thank for this phenomenon.

The reason women can’t give you a straight answer to a straight question is because social programming tells them their sexual reputation is their most important asset. Because of ‘slut-shaming’ guys are supposed to judge and look down on girls who’ve had ‘too many’ sexual partners. So women have huge incentives to either A) not sleep with many guys, or if they do, B) lie about it.

This is why the following math works: if a girl tells you how many partners she’s had, multiply by 2. (If a guy tells you, divide by 2).

Having said that, we recommend every man straight-up ask a girl he likes for sex at some point in his life.  Why? Because it illustrates this principles very viscerally, and it will get your game behaviors in order right quick.

If the girl is very unusual, she may say yes. Hurrah.

If the girl is a typical girl, she will turn you down flat. Even better. The pain of flat-out rejection burns the lesson deep into your psyche: you must ask women for sex in the socially appropriate way. That is, with game.

What is the basic ‘game’ method to asking a woman to have sex?:

  1. “Yo, you’re pretty cool, we should hang out. I’m going to XYZ next Thursday, you free?”
  2. “Cool, gimme your number” (even if she’s not free)
  3. “Blah blah blah random thing” via text message or phone call (adds excitement and anticipation)
  4. “You should come do XYZ thing with me (& friends, optional)” (an invitation to spend time with you)
  5. While hanging out, learn more about her, display your best traits (mutual attraction grows)
  6. “Yo, let’s go check out ABC” (just the two of you together)
  7. Much fun, laughter, joy together . . . leads naturally to romantic tension and the obvious next steps

This is the way a gentleman does it. It couldn’t be more straightforward. It take some time and effort, but so do all good things.

Note, efforts to shortcut or skip steps in this method are usually ego-driven and not truly worthwhile, causing more trouble than they’re worth.

Play on playas.


6 thoughts on “Why Men Can’t Ask Women For Sex

  1. It’s weird how we’re animals but we’re not animals. In some respects, we have our animal “law of the jungle” instincts under control, yet in other respects, we seem to be utterly subservient to them.
    Women “taking offence” at being propositioned is just so strange, on any level.

    • Fully agreed. In my latest case, she didn’t take offense, she just refused, reluctantly. She wants to say yes. But asking her straight out makes it impossible for her to say yes without looking like a slut.

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