One Percent Spirituality

I’ve had recent requests from readers to write more on spirituality. So below is an outline of One Percent Spirituality.

This is only an overview. If people like this post, we will write more. One Percent Spirituality rests on an acknowledgement that the unknown and unseen world is more vast and more powerful than the world apprehended by our senses.

Ask any physicist and she will tell you that 97% of the Universe is made up of “Dark Matter” and “Dark Energy” which is just the scientists’ way of saying, “We don’t know about this stuff.”

For a discipline that is so proud of its accomplishments, it has to admit that it only knows, at most, 3% of the answer, and it is clueless about the other 97%. Rational empiricism hits a wall.

So One Percent spirituality embraces that fact and does not flinch or run to easy pat answers. It accepts that within each individual human is a totally unknown and untapped capacity. The One Percenter doesn’t put limits on humans because he is wise enough to realize humans may not have limits.

Here are the practical steps we take.

  1. You are grateful, every day. You live life in gratitude. You practice it like you would practice the piano, or tennis. Daily.
  2. You are at peace, every day. No matter what storm is raging about you. Deadline this, drama that. Catastrophe or hazard, you are at peace. Deep, inner stillness. This is from practice — you must cultivate it.

What is the result? Increase and mental toughness greater than 99% of the population. Ability to do anything you want in the world, and what everyone always asks for — pervasive peace in life.

If you practice being grateful every day, you will experience increase in whatever areas you practice gratitude in.

If you practice being at peace, you will gain the mental strength that will tower over all your peers.

How do you get to this inner peace? Take nature as your instructor. Nature does not move; grieve or perseverate. There is a Tibetan proverb, “The summer cloud moves across the sky. The sky remains.

Go spend time in unspoiled, untouched nature and you will start to see the truth of this. You will appreciate the calm of the wind-swept plateau, the drifting cloud, the unbroken mirror of the alpine lake that reflects the tall mountain.

As a small human alone in a big uncaring land you also start to feel the terrible indifference of Nature. It is this indifference which crushes the frail human ego. Stillness comes from loss of ego. Ego-frailty induces quaking, grasping and clinging. Ego-frailty is clinging & avoiding that precludes stillness. Be crushed by the majesty of nature and find your stillness there, a hard diamond of emptiness is revealed as your ego shell is shattered around it. This is not “emptiness” in the sense of nihilism or meaninglessness. This is the emptiness the Buddhists speak of, the inherent possibility of all things. That is how Nature helps us give birth to our authentic selves.

Go back to your office, your school, your built-up civilized world. Realize that it doesn’t matter what your body is doing. Your bank account isn’t important. Nor is your boss. Your goals, all your striving, and your grasping expectations. Tomorrow, and then tomorrow, and then some day, we’ll really have it all . . . you’re just dreaming, missing the present you won’t accept for a future you’ll never have.

The key to happiness is simple. Don’t let anything distract you from the present. Don’t let anything disturb your peace. Don’t let anything interrupt that stream of love flowing from you to the world.

That’s all.


7 thoughts on “One Percent Spirituality

  1. Great stuff here, one of the pinnacles of tight inner game. I’m making this journey right now and I’m as happy as I’ve ever been.

    Keep it up guys, your presence has been missed around here.

  2. Its great to have you brothers back in action after a long hiatus!

    When the world is too much for me i tend to find a quiet place where i can be in touch with nature. When i do that i feel myself become one with the nature around me. I feel as if i begin to grow roots through my feet to the ground. I feel the calming energy rise up from my feet up to my mind. My mind will begin to calm itself while i listen to the wind rustling the leaves on the trees.

    When i used to spend my time attached to a ship traveling the world i used to find a quiet spot and watch the sun slowly touch the ocean. The sound the waves made made my body relax as the ship slowly went up and down the waves.

    We have forgotten the connection we have had with nature in the past and we need to get back to it. It has helped me get through some serious problems in the past.

    Great Post!

  3. Spending a week in the quiet, hill covered countryside where there was almost nothing to do but to walk through nature and appreciate the quiet and the ability to go an hour or more without seeing another human being lead me to mindfulness. Something about that time and about learning how following my own breath has helped me to let go of a great deal of old, pointless rage. Calmness and serenity are still not the correct words, but I am happy you men have returned and look forward to hearing more on this point from you.

  4. Meditation is key. The only thing I wasn’t ready for was discovering just how vast our potential really is. It’s a gruelling process to try and gain control over your mind and consistent effort is required to maintain this control as feelings of triumph or success can often led to extended periods of complacency. A life long commitment.

    Excellent post.

    • Thanks Mike. You are right about the life-long commitment. In addition, feelings of success can lead to ego traps and grandiosity, as well as complacency. All must be avoided.

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