Loving the Grind

Here at Epic Hustle we are grinding every day and loving it.

Whether it’s getting up at 440am to go in for the 15th straight day of work or making the 200th cold call of the day, we are game. Life becomes a cycle of gym, eat, work, sleep, put on repeat with only a few breaks to email or phone chat family & friends, an hour here or there on an off-day carved out to write some blog posts or answer reader emails.

Social life is out, forget about game, forget about alcohol or dancing or live shows, we are voluntarily celibate for going on 3 months. Why? Because of the grind.

To really win today you must learn to love the grind. Get on it and stay on it. Anyone who whines about the hours or their commute or not having enough time, we just walk around playing the violin behind them. In this game the single guys have an advantage over any guy with a family because guys with kids take weekends.  (Although he may be happier and healthier than us.) There are many seasons to a man’s life and we are in the single-and-crushing-it-season. Knowing your season and playing it out is a key skill.

Common advice says “work smarter, not harder” and there is some sense in that. But there is no substitution for pure, unadulterated, ungoverned hustle. If you work more days than the other guys you WILL win . . . period.

Needless to say these periods of unrestrained workaholism will have to be tempered by equally intensive vacations. Burnout is inevitable if you don’t open the pressure relief valve at key moments. Learning to anticipate those key moments for necessary self-care is the mark of a true professional. Self knowledge does not come naturally and is not cheap.

When start doing this yourself you begin to understand why Elon Musk reportedly works 80+ hour work weeks even with 5 kids . . . he is obsessed with achieving his dreams. You have to be just that obsessed or you will lose steam and start worrying about weekends.

You have to realize that Seinfeld is only Seinfeld because he is 100% obsessed and will spend 2+ years working on a single joke. When you realize Kobe Bryant is up for his workout at 4:15am and then rolls straight into practice with the team at 11am. When you realize he doesn’t leave the court until he’s drained 800 perfect shots, then you start to begin to get a grasp on what “epic hustle” really means.

To sustain this you have to love the grind. And you have to have a bigger reason. It can’t be just money. That’s why we are not all about money here at E.H.

Finally you must be ready to submit yourself to this for YEARS. Maybe decades. You can’t say “ok this is temporary, I’ll get good really fast and then NEXT MONTH I’ll relax and just work 9-5 . . .” No. It won’t fly. You have to commit yourself to practicing past the point at which it seems like you’ve mastered the skill. It will be years.

How do you think we feel writing a blog post at 5am or 8pm after putting in a 12-hour day? F***ing fantastic is how we feel. Because let’s face it, our job is not breaking rocks with our face. Our job is dialing a VOIP phone a bunch of times and maybe spending 5 hours in sales presentations.Compared to what 99% of humanity has had to do for 99% of human civilization it is 100% cake. Go read about what the Chinese have done to the Tibetans since 1945 and you will learn about how good we have it in the West.

The majority of humanity has nowhere pleasant to sleep and is unsure of their next meal. They don’t drink clean water and spend half their lives sh!tting dysentery into their own water supply. This should sober you up if you feel stressed out.  Boss yelled at you? B.F.D. Yes it creates chronic stress, and you should de-toxify that, but if you are reading this, your culture probably isn’t being systematically decimated by an oppressive empire. And if it is, my apologies.

The problem today is people expect quantum leaps. This is not how success happens. Real progress doesn’t come in quantum leaps. It is measured in individuals beads of sweat.

Put yourself in this mindset so you can learn to love the grind.

Mush on hustlers.


2 thoughts on “Loving the Grind

  1. YES. Real talk. I made the decision to love the grind about a year ago. I see lots of my old friends, smoking pot/using drugs still, working dead end kitchen or sales jobs, never creating anything with their hands, and not pursuing hobbies. It’s tough, but I love the grind mentality. I treat it like a mission, or like an adventure. It’s all a constant cycle of faith, sweat, thinking, and trying-and-failing. But every single crash-and-burn teaches me something.

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