Why We Have Given Up Alcohol

We are 11 months into a year-long experiment with zero alcohol consumption and thought we’d share some insights on the process.

It’s best to come right out and say it: you don’t need to drink alcohol, and neither does anybody else.

This is the opposite of what society will tell you. In almost all social settings,  alcohol is used as a social lubricant, and a bonding / coping mechanism. Some people would never have sex without it.

I am not coming in on a high horse: I used to love kicking back and sipping a warm Beautiful while my girl macked on me and the bartender looked on in approval. But this is a just a phase in life, that we can all grow out of. Enjoy it while you’re in it but realize when the road is at its end. If you are serious about joining the One Percent it is necessary for you to move beyond needing a substances to feel relaxed, cool, and in control.

As Wall Street Playboy says, generally you should watch what “the crowd” is doing, and do the exact opposite. With this in mind we set out on a bet with a buddy as to who would stay “dry” longer.

We won this contest after 6 months as he took a beer because of a girl (sex again), but we have no intention of taking up drinking again, for a few very simple reasons:

  1. It is expensive
  2. It dulls the senses
  3. It adds toxic load to the body
  4. No health benefits that can’t be gained elsewhere with fewer downsides

You will want to bring up the”red wine” study that concerns resveratrol. As you can ready on that well-cited Wikipedia page, as of 2013 there is “no accepted data to form a scientific basis for the application of these claims [of long-life] to mammals.”

(Keep in mind, the wine industry has a vested interest in pushing psuedo-scientific “studies” or media puff pieces on slow news days.)

Since getting off the alcohol we have noticed the following benefits:

  1. Reduced spending by 30%
  2. Fancy dinners can now cost 30% less for twice the food value
  3. Better quality sleep, deeper with more vivid dreams, wake up feeling more refreshed
  4. Skin has begun to regain youthful elasticity and vibrancy

The last point is especially important, take note ladies. We recently befriended a beautiful girl who comes from a Mormon background, which means she did not touch a drop of alcohol until her late 20s. Her appearance is markedly more youthful than 99% of other 29-year-old females we have met.

Now here is a quick Q&A on the questions we are sure to get:

Won’t I be a social pariah if I’m not drinking with everyone else?

Absolutely not, at any venue you can get a cup of water or non-alcoholic beer if you are afraid of being judged for not drinking — or you can man up and say “I don’t drink” and get over the minor discomfort caused by people asking you questions about it.

But in most cases you will surprised by how many support your choice.

Developing the gumption to stand out in any way is part of developing your One Percent mindset. So this is mental as well as physical training.

Alcohol helps me loosen up, it makes me funnier, more sociable.

I learned long ago that alcohol was a tool I used to mediate my own naturally high anxiety. After a few more years of binge drinking I had the further realization that there were much better strategies to use (such as meditation).

You needn’t get stuck like I did: find alternative pathways to loosen up, be funnier, more sociable, more relaxed. Meditation, EFT, cognitive behavioral self-talk, are just a few of the tools available to you, all healthier and less costly than alcohol.

I’ve worked hard, I deserve to enjoy premium liquor / I just like the taste.

Taste is trainable. After 11 months we don’t really remember what our favorite liquor tasted like.

No doubt you deserve to enjoy life, but you can also train yourself to enjoy the taste of detoxifying drinks that prevent cancer instead of cause it (like green tea).

Also consider, your body is already under enough toxic load due to modern plastics and chemicals in the environment. Your body will thank you for giving it a break from alcohol so it can focus on detoxifying all the other crap it has to clean out.

Final note.  As an aspirant to being a One Percenter, you will need every edge you can get . . . if you are lifting, resting, studying or working while your colleagues are drinking, you will get that edge, in spades. You’ll be able to rise earlier the next morning, having experienced better sleep, and be sharper the next day.

We will leave you with this image:


To your health hustlers.



8 thoughts on “Why We Have Given Up Alcohol

  1. I’m sold. I’ve been gradually cutting back on alcohol. I’m starting at push of discipline for the end of the year and i’ll be adding no booze to my list now. Fuck waiting for New Years resolutions. I’m starting now. Great post.

    • Nice. I think you will like the benefits. Especially like how you decided not to wait. A lot of people would use that as an excuse and procrastinate. Not you.

      Let us know how it works out.

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