We want you to join the One Percent.

Not just the One Percent of income and net worth ($250k income $1.8mil net worth) but the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual One Percent.

We are not technically part of the financial 1% (yet) but we are on our way. Like you, we are fellow aspirants on the path, and in many areas of life — physical exercise, healthy diet, self-care & self-improvement — we are already top 1% (or top 0.1%). We believe the physical / mental / spiritual game comes first, to be followed by the financial rewards.

We recommend you start any and all of the following:

  • Cut out all alcohol – it’s poison (or, no more than 1 drink per week)
  • Eat a clean, non-factory-farm diet – emphasize local in-season vegetables & fruits
  • Exercise regularly – it cures depression among many other benefits
  • Keeping you mental sphere healthy – refusing to buy in to the Garbage Information Economy (described in Gold In, Gold Out and ‘I Have the Mind of a Champion)
  • Pursuing spiritual or metaphysical practice – reconnecting with the Divine and what life is really about
  • Keeping your ‘God Hormone’ up by refusing to chase the dopamine dragon
  • Putting in more smart effort than 99% of all humans (the very definition of “Epic Hustle“)

If this blog isn’t making your life better in noticeable ways we’ll stop writing it. Email us for any reason, we’re here to help.

“I can’t help the poor if I’m one ‘a them / so I got rich & gave back, to me that’s the win-win” – Jay-Z


What do YOU think?

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